Winemaker Robert Schermeister and his wife, Laura

It all started in Italy, where Robert fell in love with a simple approach to enjoying wine with great food and good company. In Italy, it is expected to sip wine for pure enjoyment. This revelation instpired Robert to bring that same sense of spirit to his own craft. That passion, paired with his traditional approach to winemaking, has produced exceptional results with the 2012 Schermeister Pinot Noir.


Robert never thought much about making wine. Growing up in the majestic surroundings of Idaho, he satisfied his curiosity for natural sciences by majoring in biochemistry. His later experience with wine led him to explore enology while finishing his degree at the University of Idaho. A whirlwind journey around the world soon followed and Robert found himself working in Washington, New Zealand, Australia, and finally, Napa. It was here that Robert learned the art of making fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as the Assistant Winemaker at Aubert.


Settling down in Napa was a natural decision as it gave Robert the opportunity to learn from the country’s best winemakers. Beautiful terroir, clones, barrel selection and the diligence required to make exceptional wine have played a part in the traditional techniques set in stone long before he dreamed of his first vintage.


92 POINTS, The Prince of Pinot


92 POINTS, Wine Enthusiast

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